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Wall Murals Kent, Seattle, Tukwila • Photo Wall Murals


Wall-Murals-Kent-WAPhoto wall murals can help advertise to those walking by your business or can improve the beauty of your façade.

They can be used inside of an office to help relieve stress or even promote a theme.

They can be used outside of your office to advertise seasonal specials or bring higher visibility to your company.


Power Effects has over twenty years of experience and the highest-grade equipment to help you design, create, and install your photo wall murals.

Often our clients have photos that they would like to use for their photo wall murals, but once the photo has been expanded, they start noticing things on the photo that detract from the over all image.

Power Effects can help adjust and perfect an existing image that you already have, or we can help you get an image that fits the vision you had in mind.


• Custom Photo Wall Murals

• Custom Full Wall Graphics

• Custom Photo Wall Murals Design and Install


Stop letting your walls go unnoticed. Let Power Effects help you make the most out of every inch your company has.


Seattle Photo Wall Murals • Tukwila Wall Graphics


Photo-Wall-Murals-Seattle-WAOur custom photo wall murals department has access to cutting edge technology that can help us adjust your image and get it just perfect for your photo wall murals.

Often people don’t realize what imperfections will come out once their photo is expanded to the size needed for large size wall graphics, until it is too late.

However when working with Power Effects, we’ll walk you through every step of the way and show you what your custom wall graphics will look like before committing it to the printer.


We can even load your image into a template so you’ll be able to see how your custom photo wall murals will look if they are going to be split between two walls or try and go around windows. We take the risk out of custom photo wall murals and work to ensure that we exceed your expectations.


If you are looking for a great way to help make use of otherwise unused portions of your workspace, maybe custom photo wall murals or full wall graphics are right for you.


Contact us at Power Effects to take care of all of your photo wall murals and wall graphics. We’ll show you the endless possibilities and help create your vision today!